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Dr. Guy Fradet

Dr. Guy Fradet

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Kelowna, BC

Am I a candidate for TAVI catheter valve replacement?


Your surgeon will help you decide if you are a candidate for valve replacement by TAVI (catheter). You may be considered for this procedure if you are too high risk for the open-chest surgery. The risks of both procedures will be carefully considered by your cardiologist and surgical team.

heart catheter lab

TAVI Catheter Valve Replacement

Ms. Sarah Holvik

Ms. Sarah Holvik

B.Sc., Nutritionist
Nutritionist HCF
Vancouver, BC

What foods can make my arthritis symptoms worse?


Arthritis involves a lot of swelling and inflammation, so we want to stay away from foods that can lead to further inflammation. Red meat, and other foods containing saturated fats, is a common culprit leading to increased joint pain. You should also try to avoid fast foods and processed foods, as they can aggravate your symptoms. Ask you rheumatologist for more details, and you may wish to speak with a registered dietitian for a review of your arthritis diet.

ai arthritis nutrition

What Are Good Foods for Arthritis?

Lori Berard

Lori Berard

RN, CDE, Diabetes Educator, Nurse Consultant
Winnipeg, MB

How should I pack my diabetes medications and supplies while traveling?


Remember that your luggage may not always arrive at your location when you do, so it is a good idea to pack half of your supplies in your carry-on (remember to have documentation from your doctor to avoid problems with security). You also may have to figure out how to keep your insulin cool during your travel. You can bring a back-up list of your supplies in case you need to seek additional medications/products while away.

insulin travel map

Diabetes Travel Tips

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