How Yoga Can Help With Digestion

Sarah Harrison discusses How Yoga Can Help With Digestion

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Sarah Harrison discusses How Yoga Can Help With Digestion
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Featuring Sarah Harrison, RYI, Registered Yoga Instructor
How Yoga Can Help With Digestion
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Yoga for better digestion is essentially a form of using deep breath work, oxygenating your body, then being able to use extension, compression, twists and a vareity of postures that are completely accessible for pretty much anyone.

You can do classes that are a little bit more gentle or those that are a liitle bit stronger depending on your preference. We end every class with really deep relaxation that helps your nervous system to relax, getting your body out of fight or flight and into its rest and digest mode.

This enables your body to essentially reset its nervous system over time, creating a really beautiful balance within. This can help you with any condition that you have, specifically to do with digestion, but also whether you have stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, trouble sleeping in general, and anything that has to do with inflammatory concerns such as arthritis, IBS, and Crohn's disease.

If you have questions about yoga for digestion, contact a local yoga teacher.

Presenter: Ms. Sarah Harrison, Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC

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