Experience of Mom and Baby Yoga

Nicole Murcutt discusses the experience of a Mom and Baby yoga class.

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Nicole Murcutt discusses the experience of a Mom and Baby yoga class.
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Featuring Nicole Murcutt, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

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The experience when doing mom and baby yoga, it's definitely unpredictable of course but it's really nice.

You incorporate a lot of songs, it's very open so anytime that baby's fussing or crying or needs your attention you can feed them, you can change them, and usually if you start doing a little song or incorporate them they're pretty happy.

And sometimes you get a lot of squealing, sometimes you get laughing. Sometimes babies go completely calm, if you're maybe doing something more relaxing, so it's a beautiful experience. I think it's a nice experience because they're getting an introduction into physical activity, so it's setting them up for a healthy lifestyle, and it's also nice for them to interact with other babies.

If someone would like to have a mom and baby yoga experience they should speak to an instructor that specializes in mom and baby yoga.

Presenter: Ms. Nicole Murcutt, Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC

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