Low Back Strength Exercise

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Jackson Sayers discusses strengthening exercises for the lower back to help with Pain.
Jackson Sayers discusses strengthening exercises for the lower back to help with Pain.
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Featuring Jackson Sayers, B.Sc. (Kinesiology)

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For the low back and the gluteal muscles of the bum, this is a super exercise.

I started developing this exercise when I watched my two year old, who could sit and squat for hours on a time. And what's happened in our society is we've lost the ability to put our pelvis into a proper position, and this motion can really help you get back to that position again and in the begining you're going to be forced to have to hang onto some dumbbells like I was.

But about three to six weeks, six months, however long it takes, you can hang onto those dumbbells for, but then you start to develop is this position where you can start to come up and you can start to use your large muscles in the bum and you can start to really get into a nice squat position.

What I have a tendency to do is put my arms on the inside of my knees and just gently push in. That helps fire up the psoas muscle that connects to the low back and then I can sit there for a period of time.

I started with you know, five, ten seconds, and now I've built up to 30 seconds to a minute. What you want to be really thinking about is how do I get my pressure off of the knee, get it into the large bum muscles, and then how do I stretch out my low back?

It's a really good exercise for lengthening the lumbar. You'll find that when all the weight is now in your leg and in your bum, a lot of the pressure goes off of your knees.

Presenter: Mr. Jackson Sayers, Kinesiologists, Vancouver, BC

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