Pilates & Manual Therapy

Danielle Langford, BScPT, MPT, MCPA, Physiotherapist, discusses Pilates & Manual Therapy.

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Danielle Langford, BScPT, MPT, MCPA, Physiotherapist, discusses Pilates & Manual Therapy.
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Featuring Danielle Langford, BScPT, MPT, MCPA
Pilates & Manual Therapy
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Pilates is working from your core, creating a foundation so that you can move throughout your day better and easier.

Clinical Pilates is based on Pilates principles. And, but however, it, the instructor is somebody who’s got a medical background. So whether that’s a kinesiologist, well, a doctor could. Or a physiotherapist or even a nurse. Somebody that’s got a medical background that also has the experience in Pilates and movement.

With a clinical Pilates session, we would have you come in. We’d talk about your goals, experience, what you are feeling, where you’re feeling your pain. Identify what those goals are.

Then we would go and we would do an assessment. So we would have a look at your body. We would identify any imbalances between the two, any muscles that aren’t working or are working.

Then if we need any manual therapy, because very often physiotherapists can do that as well. So they can do any sort of manual therapy if indicated to help you find that core. And then finally we would be working into our core-specific exercises that are designed around Pilates exercises. So you’d create a core program for you based in Pilates principles.

Clinical Pilates can be a very safe way to exercise because it has different equipment, it has a one-on-one setting that can help support you. It has somebody who has the knowledge as well.

If you have osteoporosis, if you have osteoarthritis, it can be...So far as even a dancer with scoliosis who’s experiencing pain when they’re dancing. It could be a pregnant woman who is experiencing pelvic pain. We even get athletes who have foot pain, so it’s very bio-mechanical as well. Or a rock climber with shoulder pain when they come up into that position.

So there’s numerous things that we get. We often get the person who’s sitting at their desk and postural pain with neck and back pain. Or if you have a fear of falling. There’s, there’s lots of different things that, that we can help you with and create a safe environment for you to exercise in.

If someone has any questions about clinical Pilates or is interested in joining a class, they can contact their local clinical Pilates instructor.

Presenter: Ms. Danielle Langford, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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