Pilates Equipment

Heather Low, a PMA Certified Teacher, discusses Pilates equipment.

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Heather Low, a PMA Certified Teacher, discusses Pilates equipment.
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Featuring Heather Low, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher
Duration: 1 minute

Pilates equipment is a really important part of the whole Pilates repertoire.

Pilates equipment is designed to help you access your smaller muscles - the postural muscles, so that you can sequence through your spine better, and get more limber throughout the whole body.

A Pilates instructor is highly trained, so that they can teach you how to use the Pilates equipment to its maximum effectiveness. They teach you how to use it properly. The best way to learn is in a Pilates studio, where there is professional-quality equipment and the instructors are all well trained.

If you have questions about Pilates equipment, contact a local Pilates teacher.

Presenter: Ms. Heather Low, Pilates Instructor, Vancouver, BC

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