How Can Pilates Help Your Pregnancy?

Heather Low, a PMA Certified Teacher, discusses Pilates during pregnancy.

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Heather Low, a PMA Certified Teacher, discusses Pilates during pregnancy.
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Featuring Heather Low, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Duration: 2 minutes

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body incredibly. It is a huge stretch on the tissues of the abdomen.

Changes the way we carry our weight throughout the pregnancy and it takes a lot to adjust. After that baby is born there is also a lot of stress from carrying an infant, nursing, doing all these things that you never had to do in your body before and without structure because you have had so much stress.

Doing Pilates is a really great way of building that core structure back up. You want to get a medical clearance from your doctor, make sure that you are ready to exercise but going to a qualified teacher who can help you actually access the muscles that need to be strengthened they are very key and pretty targeted.

It is going to help you gain the strength and the structure to take yourself through the world again as much as you did before the baby.

Presenter: Ms. Heather Low, Pilates Instructor, Vancouver, BC

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