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Danielle Langford, BScPT, MPT, MCPA, Physiotherapist, discusses Pilates for pain relief.

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Danielle Langford, BScPT, MPT, MCPA, Physiotherapist, discusses Pilates for pain relief.
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Featuring Danielle Langford, BScPT, MPT, MCPA

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Pilates helps focus on the local muscles, so your core muscles, whether that be around your shoulder joints, your pelvis, all the different joints in your body.

So it works on the little small muscles that often get turned off when you have pain. So if, if you’re experiencing pain, it’s very hard for you to actually turn those muscles on on your own.

So we help with that. So we help to target those muscles, help you feel those muscles, and actually feel what it feels like to have them on. Because you’re fighting against chemicals in your body and you’re fighting against lots of things that are inhibiting those muscles, so it’s not your fault that they don’t turn on.

But you need to basically have a little bit of assistance with that, and that’s what we look to do with clinical Pilates, is we look to help fire that system up so that you can experience what that feels like, and then you can start to get out of those pain patterns.

Pilates helps you to fire your core and have that experience of being connected to it so that you can transfer it to various different movements, whether that’s working on the reformer, whether that’s working on the chair.

There’s lots of different equipment that you can do that with. So then you can take it to your day, and your body can have experienced the core being on in a bunch of different positions.

If somebody has pain and they think that clinical Pilates would help with that, they should contact their local clinical Pilates instructor as soon as possible because the longer you experience pain, the harder it is to get out of those pain patterns.

Presenter: Ms. Danielle Langford, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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