How Does Smoking Affect Your Pregnancy?

Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, discusses How Does Smoking Affect Your Pregnancy?

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Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, discusses How Does Smoking Affect Your Pregnancy?
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Featuring Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, CCFP
How Does Smoking Affect Your Pregnancy?
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Being healthy in pregnancy means reducing or stopping things that might be harmful to you.

Tobacco is one of the most important things that exist in our society that causes harm in pregnancy. Tobacco use will decrease the ability of the placenta to nourish your baby well. So women who smoke have smaller babies, they have premature labor; they even have a higher incidence of stillbirth and miscarriage.

And sometimes its hard to get pregnant if you're a smoker. So as you think about getting pregnant, cut down, or better yet, completely quit smoking. And the same goes for the people around you, secondhand smoke is also harmful.

Children who have a parent who smokes, even if they don't smoke in the house, have an increased risk of leukemia by two to three times, of respiratory diseases by three or four times like asthma or bronchitis and pneumonia, and they also have more of a tendency toward addictions of their own later in life.

Finding info like watching this website is a great way to start, pat yourself on the back for starting.

Presenter: Dr. Karen Buhler, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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