How to Successfully Quit Smoking

Dr. Milan Khara, MBChB, CCFP,ABAM, discusses How to Successfully Quit Smoking

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Dr. Milan Khara, MBChB, CCFP,ABAM, discusses How to Successfully Quit Smoking
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Featuring Dr. Milan Khara, MBChB, CCFP, ABAM
,How to Successfully Quit Smoking Video Title: How to Successfully Quit Smoking
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So for smokers who are planning to make a quit attempt, we really encourage a strategic plan.

The plan can include looking at the environment. For example, do those around them smoke, do they go on smoke breaks on work? If the environment is going to be unfriendly to a quit attempt then you need to change the environment.

The second element that we really want the smoker to consider is behavior. So if there are many behaviors that are associated with their smoking then you may need to shift those behaviors around a little.

For example, if you smoke when you drink on a Saturday night then we would encourage - at least in the short term - to maybe not drink on the Saturday night.

And the third component we like to see in a planned quit attempt is the use of a medication. So whether that's nicotine patches or a prescription medication, there's a whole variety of options. Those products tend to improve the likelihood of success.

Quitting smoking for some people certainly is very difficult, and though we've traditionally viewed this as a habit or a lifestyle choice, certainly from a medical perspective we see this as a bonafide or a true addiction disorder. But we see it as a disorder that is eminently treatable.

We have approaches that help people to quit smoking. Anybody making a quit attempt really should reach out for support. Whether that support is from a healthcare professional, and that can be a pharmacist or a family doctor, or whether that support is from a family member or a current smoker who's making a quit attempt alongside them, support is a really valuable element of a quit plan.

Presenter: Dr. Milan Khara, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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