Prenatal Blood Tests

Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD, discusses testing after you become pregnant.

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Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD, discusses testing after you become pregnant.
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Featuring Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD

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One of the things your healthcare provider is going to do on your very first prenatal visit is a series of standard tests.

We're going to look for your blood type, we're going to find out whether or not you've been exposed to German measles.

We are going to see if you have had syphilis in the past, it's an odd test, but it's standard, we will often look for HIV status as well as what your hemoglobin is, and whether youv'e had certainly sexually transmitted diseases.

These are all very very important for us to know at the beginning of the pregnancy so we can deal with issues before they become problematic.

Another test you will also get is a dating ultrasound, that's usually done between about 6 to 10 weeks in the pregnancy.

And that just allows us to appropriately date your pregnancy, to figure out a due date as well as helps us understand and interpret some of the tests that are going to be done later in your pregnancy.

It's important to remember that all of this testing is optional and if you have any further questions about the types of testing, including genetic testing, please ask your healthcare provider.

Presenter: Dr. Karen Nordahl, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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