Sex During Pregnancy

Dr. Heather Jenkins, MD, discusses sexual activity during pregnancy.

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Dr. Heather Jenkins, MD, discusses sexual activity during pregnancy.
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Featuring Dr. Heather Jenkins, MD, CCFP

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Sex in pregnancy is encouraged and really a common question to ask about. Most people don't have any problems with the safety of sexual activity in their pregnancy.

There are lots of changes that can happen to a woman during the course of their pregnancy that will influence her interest in sex, her physical changes and her response to sex, and also her fatigue during different levels of pregnancy will also influence her sexual engagement.

Mostly sex is perfectly fine during pregnancy. There's specific concerns that people have around when to ask my doctor if it's ok or not.

For example, if your water's broken, if you've had any concerns around pre-term labor or threatened pre-term labor, or if your placenta is in a low-lying position inside your uterus, those are conditions that your physician will talk to you about where sex is not a good idea.

Overall most people don't have any difficulties or problems with having sex during their pregnancy. There are a lot of changes that happen, hormonally, physically, emotionally during a pregnancy that will influence a women's engagement in sexual activity, and most couples work it out between themselves about how interested or involved they're going to be.

Just remember if you have any concerns about sexual activity during pregnancy you can always ask your physician.

Presenter: Dr. Heather Jenkins, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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