Announcing Pregnancy to Friends

Dr. Alison MacInnes, MD, FRCPC, discusses announcing pregnancy to friends.

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Dr. Alison MacInnes, MD, FRCPC, discusses announcing pregnancy to friends.
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Featuring Dr. Alison MacInnes, MD, FRCPC

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A lot of people are concerned when they're newly pregnant when to tell their family, when to tell their bosses, when to tell their friends.

It's a common questions and not an easy answer. Well, the thing at the back of most people's minds is the fear of miscarriage, and so they worry that they're going to tell all these people and then go on to miscarry.

And have to, you know, go through the aftermath of telling them all that, which you know is pretty tragic in a lot of situations. So the recomendation is to really tell the people such as your boss, or such as your friends, once that risk of miscarriage goes down.

So the recommendation is to wait until after the first trimester when the risk significantly decreases. However, there are people that are close to their family or friends. And these are the people they'd want to involve should they have a miscarriage. So those people there's no risk in telling them whenver they want, and it's really a personal decision.

For people who are worried about timing of their announcements they should definitely speak with their healthcare provider.

Presenter: Dr. Alison MacInnes, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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