Do You Need to Have a Birth Plan?

Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses what's in a birth package.

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Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses what's in a birth package.
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Featuring Dr. Barra O'Briain, MD

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Things that you include in your birth plan would be some of the comfort measures that you'd like to see happen.

Things around your preferences and pain, realizing that the birth is a story that might not script quite the way that you had in mind, but certainly those kind of things would be helpful; who you'd like to see in the room, who you'd like to see touch the baby, down to who's gonna tell you what sex the baby is sometimes gets scripted into this, and it's very easy to accommodate on our part in the course of the birth.

And I think if people got questions around the birth plan or whether not they should have a birth plan or what their healthcare provider would like to see in a birth plan, then by all means it would be best time to talk to your health care provider around this, and see if you can script it together, and come up with a plan that suits your needs.

If they have questions with regards to birth plan and benefits, and whether it be helpful in their pregnancy, by all means run it by their healthcare provider to see if it would be helpful in their care.

Presenter: Dr. Barra O'Briain, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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