Delivering Your Baby in a Hospital - What to Expect

Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses Delivering Your Baby in a Hospital

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Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses Delivering Your Baby in a Hospital
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Video Title: Delivering Your Baby in a Hospital - What to Expect
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If a woman chooses to deliver in the setting of a hospital, then they'll have set up with their healthcare provider when to go.

Usually they'll contact the healthcare provider prior to going to the hospital, which is ideal. On arrival, they'll usually be seen and assessed by a nurse or a nurse midwife in a triage area or a greeting area of the hospital to determine how far along they are in their labor, etc., etc.

From there be admitted to a birthing area where there'd be a labor and delivery room or a single room maternity care setting. Single room maternity care is a hospital's desire to try and reproduce the home environment within the hospital setting. It;s a fairly large room where the woman and her family and partner and support group would go to and spend the entire labor, delivery and postpartum period with the baby in that one room and then be sent home from that room.

So these rooms are quite homey. A lot of the technical support equipment is behind cabinets so that they can be hidden once they're no longer needed. A bath is usually provided, both for labor, as well as for delivery, if they wish. The setting is quite homey.

From the point of view of the delivery of their care, there's not this readmission to a new setting during the course of their stay in hospital. It's the same staff that are taking care of them. It allows for more smoother teaching and support during the postpartum period in an attempt to have them home sooner.

The traditional labor and delivery room - the nursing care is absolutely the same in both settings. The traditional labor and delivery room is one in which the woman labors and delivers in that room, but they're transferred, then, to a hospital room setting afterwards. The care provided in both environments is identical.

If women have questions about their experience in hospital or what to expect in hospital, then contact your healthcare provider.

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