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Cristina Alarcon, BSc (Pharm), Pharmacist, discusses breast pumps.

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Cristina Alarcon, BSc (Pharm), Pharmacist, discusses breast pumps.
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Featuring Cristina Alarcon, BSc (Pharm), Pharmacist

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Especially for new moms sometimes they may have trouble producing milk, so a breast pump will help the new mom to get the breast milk going.

It also will alleviate fullness of the breasts and also in some cases where the mom is going to be away from home, and we want to have mom’s milk available when she’s not home or for the dad to feed the baby. Those are the situations where a breast pump would be really valuable to have around. 

The original pumps out there are handheld pumps, they’re very simple and very basic. There’s also the electronic pumps that are also portable, and then there’s also the more sophisticated pumps such as this one here, that I have here, the Ameda, which is a platinum pump, which is a hospital-grade pump.

And the advantages of this system is that it has a proven airlock protection system, which means it doesn’t allow contamination of the mom’s milk. The other advantage of it is it comes with custom fit breast phalanges. And also it has, you know, adjustable custom settings which allow for the mom to adjust the speed and the suction all by herself.

The other advantage of using a breast pump is for storing milk for later use, so the milk can either be stored in the fridge or it can be frozen for many months later, and that would be advantageous in many cases.

If you have more questions about a breast pump or where to get one you can see your local pharmacist and they should be able to help you with that.

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Presenter: Ms. Cristina Alarcon, Pharmacist, West Vancouver, BC

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