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Paul Dragan discusses choosing cycling wear.

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Paul Dragan discusses choosing cycling wear.
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Featuring Paul Dragan, Cycling Equipment Specialist

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Many people ask me what, do they wear when they ride their bike. Today for example, I was riding my bike to work.  

This is what I wore. The clothing I'm wearing, plus my helmet and a pair of sensible shoes so they don’t slip off the pedals. The helmet; is basic equipment that I need for my short commutes of say, five to ten kilometers. A pair of sunglasses is nice as well if it's really sunny out. If you're going to do some more riding, there are some accessories that you can bring along. 

For example, at night now, with the days getting shorter, a high visibility garment, either a vest like this or a complete jacket, it's very, very practical. It's a high visibility raincoat. It works well for drivers to see you, it's great obviously if it rains, and it will keep you warm if it gets cooler out. A garment like this has reflective piping and a bit of a long tail to help keep the water from rolling down your bump, works really, really well. 

Next, for longer bike rides, a pair of cycling shorts will make your ride much more comfortable. These ones are designed with the shammy insert, which goes next to your skin and helps make that hard saddle softer. You’ll ride better and enjoy your ride more. Also, you could add, a cycling jersey. A cycling jersey has a neck which zips up very high to keep the wind out. It's cut long in the body and it has some pockets on that back to carry your cell phone, a banana, and perhaps some change for the parking meter. 

Also, for longer distances, a cycling shoe will work really well. It has a stiff sole to help transmit the power from your leg into the peddling action. It's also comfortable to walk in. A pair of cycling gloves especially designed for cycling. This pair has a padded palm and no fingers. The padded palm makes your hand feel more comfortable on the handle bar and alleviates vibration. 

The no fingers make it cooler for the summer. Cycling gloves are great in the case of an accident, because naturally your hands go out to protect your fall and it's much better to tear the cycling glove than to tear the skin on your hand. Remember, there are lots more accessories and clothing you can get, if you're a more commuted cyclist and are commuting distances. Check with your local bike store. They’ll have lots of options for you.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Dragan, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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