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Paul Dragan discusses Cycling Helmets and Accessories

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Paul Dragan discusses Cycling Helmets and Accessories
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Featuring Paul Dragan, Cycling Equipment Specialist

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Speaker 1: Everybody recognizes a bike helmet, but most people don’t know there are a few simple things you can do to make your helmet more comfortable and safer on your head. Number one is a chin strap.  These straps are adjustable, up and down, so that it should fit directly underneath your earlobe. 

Secondly, the chin strap should be tight enough so that it fits just snugly underneath your chin, and finally, there's an adjustment on the rear to tightened or loosen that helmet. If Jackson puts this on, we’ll have a look at it for him. As you can see, this strap will now move up and down to center underneath the earlobe. It buckles snuggly underneath his chin, and then finally, Jackson would adjust it on the back, to snug in where it's comfortable for him. There's a helmet that is safe, that doesn’t move, and comfortable too I bet.

Speaker 2: Very. 

Speaker 1: Liam, this is a great helmet you have. I’m just going to make it a little bit safer for you. So first of all, we’re just going to move this strap up, underneath your ear, a little bit like this. Maybe like that, perfect. And then on this side, we’re going to do the same thing.

And you can tell your mom when you get home that it should be up just underneath your ear, because that’s where it's the safest. And then finally, if you look towards me… oh you see that chin strap it's in exactly the right spot.  There, does that feel better?  Now Paul, we’re going to have a look at your helmet.

You see here how it slid down in your eye? We’re going to make it a little tighter on the back and there's an adjustment here to do that, and then we’re going to adjust these straps as well, which unbuckles, and then you can move them into the correct position. 

Again, underneath the earlobe, is what we’re looking for here. It often takes a try or two, with your children, to get it where it's comfortable and in the right position for them.  So you may not get it the very first time. There you go, Paul.

Now your helmet will feel better. Kids’ helmets should be adjusted safely and comfortably for your child. It will protect them better. Now you're ready to ride. You have the trailer put on correctly, the helmet’s done correctly, we’re all set to go and enjoy cycling.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Dragan, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

Local Practitioners: Bracing & Equipment Specialist

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