Lower Back Pain and Cycling

Tyler Dumont, physiotherapist, discusses lower back pain and cycling.

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Tyler Dumont, physiotherapist, discusses lower back pain and cycling.
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Featuring Tyler Dumont, BPE, BScPT, MSc, Physiotherapist

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Cyclists are in a flex posture for a long time. They're trying to generate power from that flex position.

It's just the prolonged nature of that position that will cause pain, and in addition to that there are many bike faults that will contribute to it as well. The first is to get the right bike positioning.

There are many things you can change in the actual position that will help in redistributing the weight on the bike from your handlebars to your saddle to the pedals. You've got those three points of contact you want to distribute that weight equally.

You also want the position to allow you to maintain a nice neutral back position so you're not over flexed or overextended through the back. That will help keep you in a comfortable, pain free position.

There is a middle ground you want to get the rider into. Also a cyclist might present with a leg length discrepancy. If that's not accommodated for you may see the pelvis rocking to one side repeatedly and with enough repetition that will definitely contribute to pelvic or low back pain.

If you have any questions about low back pain from cycling or bike setup, see a certified bike fitter or a physiotherapist who does bike fitting.

Presenter: Mr. Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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