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Paul Dragan discusses choosing commuter gear and equipment.

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Paul Dragan discusses choosing commuter gear and equipment.
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Featuring Paul Dragan, Cycling Equipment Specialist

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If you're a commuter, either short distance, long distance, or year-round, there are some accessories that you can look for that would make your commuting much better. For example, we have Jack, here.

Jack is a serious, every day, and year-round commuter. In this bike you will find everything from raingear to repair kits to maybe even the kitchen sink. Jack has got some pretty specialized equipment on this bike to make it work really, really well for what he does. Number one, he started with a great high quality bike. Secondly, Jack added a disc brake to his bike. The disc brake is much more effective than stepping, especially under heavy loads or wet weather. Jack puts some specialized bags on his bike. This one is a handlebar bag. The handlebar bag carries personal items that Jack would like to access frequently, like his phone and his wallet.

On the rear, Jack, has got bags called panniers. Panniers are usually sold per pair, so that you can balance out the load. In Jack’s bag is raingear, a pump, a lock and many other items that he may find useful. This little bag underneath the seat will carry Jack’s essential tools. Screwdrivers, allen key, a spare tube or two, and perhaps, even an additional pump.

Finally, Jack’s pedals. Jack has especially designed pedal and toe clips for commuting. The pedal comes on and off easily, without tools, so he can transport his bike on a bus if he desires. The toe clip allows him to put his foot in the proper position on the pedal and pull up on the strap. And finally, shoes. Jack has a pair of commuting shoes. They have a steel shank, three-quarters of the weight through, which allows better transfer of power from his leg to the pedal and they dry very quickly in case of rain. 

Jack is wearing a pair of cycling shorts, which work great for commuting. The short is cut long in the leg to eliminate chafing on the top tube. More importantly, there's a shammy in the rear, very similar to this one. A shammy is worn next to the skin to eliminate friction and to provide padding between you and the saddle. A great idea for commuters. Those are some ideas and features that you can find on your bike for commuting. 

Your local bike store will have lots of great information for you about product or techniques in where to ride. Remember, you can ride your bike, for a short distance, a long distance or a medium distance. It doesn’t matter. It should be fun, it should be enjoyable, and it should be safe.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Dragan, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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