Cycling Safety Riding Tips

Paul Dragan discusses safe bike riding tips.

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Paul Dragan discusses safe bike riding tips.
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Featuring Paul Dragan, Cycling Equipment Specialist

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So figuring out where to position yourself on the street, is really all about judgment. You have to be aware of parked cars opening door to your right, and you have to be aware of cars overtaking you on your left. 

Make sure you're away from the parked cars by at least a meter, and you can move in and out of the lane depending upon the traffic situation. Bear in mind that some people feel if you're in the center of the lane the car definitely sees you and doesn’t squeeze you over, and other people feel that no, you’re safer, closer, to the car. 

You need to make that judgment at all times and drivers often don’t know what they're doing. A key thing to remember when riding is that different road conditions call for different techniques. Bear in mind that your bike will not stop as quickly in the wet weather as it will in the dry weather. Remember to be careful when riding over looser uneven surfaces. 

Your bike will handle differently. It's best to think about keeping your weight on the rear wheel of the bike. That will give you more stability and a little more traction.  Keep a firm but gentle grip on the handlebars too so they twist out in front of you. On the bike path, maintain the rules of the road. Stay on the right wherever possible. 

Be especially aware of intersections like these, where pedestrians cross the bike path. Remember, it's your responsibility to avoid collision at all costs.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Dragan, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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