A Father's Role In Childhood Developement

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Mariana Brussoni, PhD discusses father's roles and risk for child injury.
Mariana Brussoni, PhD discusses father's roles and risk for child injury.
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Featuring Dr. Mariana Brussoni, PhD, Psychologist

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Father's roles in childhood injury are actually very important, but we're only beginning to discover what those roles could be.

Their role in simplistic terms is that they are the parent who really takes charge of taking the child out into the world and introducing them to new and potentially risky experiences.

It's very important for child development that children learn and grow by experiencing new things, and learn how to take risks. Where it's important for child development and injury prevention is that we need to make sure that it's done in a way that's safe for children, so that they can go and take those risks safely.

It's important to learn from fathers how they think about this role and this behaviour, and we want to make sure that in our work that we acknowledge the important role that fathers play. Then, we can gear our injury prevention activities in ways that make sense for their priorities.

If you have questions about childhood injury, contact a local child psychologist.

Presenter: Dr. Mariana Brussoni, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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