Psychological Trauma

Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych, discusses psychological trauma.

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Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych, discusses psychological trauma.
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Featuring Dr. Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych

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Psychological trauma can come from all sorts of different things.

It can come from a history of child abuse, it can come from being in a car accident, it can come from an illness, and it can come from the loss of a loved one. It can even come from a very difficult relationship breakup.

Sometimes, people unfortunately deal with the trauma feelings by maladaptive means of coping: turning to substances and acting-out behaviour. Eventually, that may cause enough of a problem that they're sent to their GP or sent to a psychologist directly.

You can also find a therapist or a psychologist directly - you can look them up in the phone book even. Often, you can go to a community mental health centre, who will then hook you up with a psychologist, or sometimes a whole team to help you deal with the trauma process.

If you have questions about psychological trauma, contact a local psychologist.

Presenter: Dr. Mary Ross, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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