Substance Abuse and Addiction

Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych, discusses substance abuse and addiction.

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Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych, discusses substance abuse and addiction.
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Featuring Dr. Mary Ross, PhD, RPsych

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Well substance abuse is a big problem in our society today.

It can take all sorts of forms: a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gambling, shopping, overspending, a whole variety of forms.

How you know you have a problem with some kind of substance abuse or addiction is whether it's actually causing you some distress or harm. Whether it's actually causing distress amongst your family, or friends, or colleagues, whether it's gotten in the way – in any sort of way - with your daily functioning or your ability to work. And you know oftentimes also if you've you've gotten feedback from friends or family that they're concerned.

A psychologist can help you by helping you understand what thoughts and feelings might be going on that are driving you to use substances to cope. And a psychologist can help you work on understanding that and finding other ways to deal with the distress that might be going on, the difficult feelings, whatever's sort of lurking underneath the substance and a psychologist can help you work on learning new skills and finding different ways to think and behave to deal with the problems.

Presenter: Dr. Mary Ross, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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