How to Do the Plank

Ania Morton, BCRPA, RMT, Fitness Trainer, discusses how to do the plank.

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Ania Morton, BCRPA, RMT, Fitness Trainer, discusses how to do the plank.
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Featuring Ania Morton, BCRPA, RMT, Fitness Trainer

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This is another exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime. I’m going to get Vandela to come down onto the mat, onto her hands and knees.

What she’s going to do is go down on her elbows, and she’s going to lift up into a plank position, so you want to lift up, you want to engage your core. You don’t want to sag down in the hips, you want to stay up nice and strong, protect that lower back.

As you’re engaged, you want to start by holding this 30 seconds, if you can go longer, you want to push yourself all the way through to a minute, make sure that you breathe, relax everything else. You’re going to get a nice burn in through the stomach.

Keep holding, you’re going to do this three times, and remember, a qualified personal trainer can help you attain the goals you want and keep you nice and motivated.

Good, holding in there, make sure you breathe, and rest.

Presenter: Ms. Ania Morton, Personal Trainer, Vancouver, BC

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