Computer Vision Syndrome and Your Eyes

Dr. David Mitchell, OD, discusses computer vision syndrome.

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Dr. David Mitchell, OD, discusses computer vision syndrome.
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Featuring Dr. David Mitchell, OD

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Computer vision syndrome is an umbrella term used for all the symptoms and discomfort that patients with or using computers do start to suffer from.

It can be eye strain, it can be headache, it can be sore, uncomfortable eyes. And so things that they should be looking towards is how their lighting is set up in the workplace. If they're over 40 years old and starting to having reading problems then they need to set their working distances up for the computer and their glasses set for that.

Dry eye is typically also a problem. Blink rates go from 29 times a minute down to about 10 times a minute, and that creates an awful lot of discomfort to your eyes.

So if you have these kinds of problems, see your local optometrist they can help you with that.

Presenter: Dr. David Mitchell, Optometrist, Vancouver, BC

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