Childrens Vision Care

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David Mitchell, OD, Optometrist discusses children's vision care.

David Mitchell, OD, Optometrist discusses children's vision care.

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Featuring Dr. David Mitchell, OD
Childrens Vision Care
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Well children we like to see by age of three, certainly sooner if there's any inclination from their parents that there might be a problem.

And this is where family history certainly comes into play. We can test the children quite easily to see if they're farsighted or nearsighted or might have astigmatism.

But it's also very imortant at this stage to see if they might have muscle imbalances. If that is the case then there are optometrists that specialize in vision training to try and get the coordination back.

Children should also be seen by the age of five as they're starting school as a repeat exam.

Presenter: Dr. David Mitchell, Optometrist, Vancouver, BC

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