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Dr. David Mitchell discusses what your Contact Lens options are.

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Dr. David Mitchell discusses what your Contact Lens options are.
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Featuring Dr. David Mitchell, OD
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There are two main kinds of contacts: there are rigid gas permeable lenses and there are soft lenses.

Both are made of plastic and both are inserted into the eye. The vast majority of patients these days wear soft lenses and the soft lenses are mostly disposables these days.

Disposables come as one-day lenses where you throw them out every day. They'll be available as two-week lenses, where you throw them out every two weeks, and they also come as monthly lenses.

They can correct for astigmatism, they come in a bifocal format, and most patients are suitable as candidates so long as their eyes are healthy and children should not be precluded, because of all the sports and activities they are but they must be mature enough to be able to look after the lens.

Our corneal topographer is used to map the surface of the eye and with the mapping we know the exact contour of the eye and therefore we know what contour of lens to use for them.

Presenter: Dr. David Mitchell, Optometrist, Vancouver, BC

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