Diseases Inside the Eye

David Mitchell, OD, discusses Diseases Inside the Eye

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David Mitchell, OD, discusses Diseases Inside the Eye
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Featuring Dr. David Mitchell, OD
Diseases Inside the Eye
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A scanning digital opthalmoscope is essentially a camera, and it's a camera that allows us to photograph the inside of the eye, the retina, up to 220 degrees.

With that we can look for signs of glaucoma, we can look for signs of macular degeneration, or changes in macular degeneration, and we can look for changes in cataract development.

From a systematic standpoint we get to look for signs of diabetes, MS will show up in the back of the eye, hypertensive disease, and also atherosclerosis.

We do this on our children, and we do this on adults as well. They'll place their eye in here, and within a few seconds the camera will take its picture and that information is sent to the doctor for analysis.

Presenter: Dr. David Mitchell, Optometrist, Vancouver, BC

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