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Ania Morton grew up in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by a unique outdoor playground. After trying many sports, she soon fell in love with one… Alpine Skiing. She found herself on the fast track to the Canadian National Ski Team where she proudly represented her country. After a career ending injury where she broke her leg, everything changed. Ania found herself back at square one, re-­learning how to walk after suffering severe nerve damage from the accident.

Her rehabilitation inspired a desire and passion to understand how the body worked on a deeper level, so as her health improved, she pursued an education in Massage Therapy and Personal Training.

Personal Training changed her life and she decided to dedicate her time to helping others strive for their own personal best! With her first hand experience of both overcoming severe injury and being an elite athlete, she brings a unique understanding, drive and over 10 years experience to those looking to achieve ANY level of fitness.

She can relate with her beginner clients and the hesitation and fear of starting something new, as well as the hard work and dedication it takes to get her advanced clients to push themselves to strive for excellence!


How to Do a Basic Ball Hamstring Cur

lAnia Morton, fitness trainer,Vancouver, North Vancouver  discusses how to do Basic Ball Hamstring Crunches

Featuring: Ania Morton, Vancouver, North Vancouver ,BC,Fitness Trainer

This is a more advanced hamstring exercise you can do anytime, anywhere at home with a physioball.  

So what I'm gonna get Vindala to do is she's going to be using the soles of her feet and pushing up and off the ball, thrusting the hips towards the ceiling. So squeeze up, push up off the ball, good and back down; push back up.  

So this exercise is great for the glutes and the hamstrings. You can really see them working once you lift up. You want to make that you're breathing while you're doing the exercise and that you keep the ball in tight to the bum just like that, pushing up and back down.  

You want to do 10 to 15 reps, three times, just like she's doing, keep it going. And remember if you wanna retain a body like this, just hire a personal trainer and they can help you get there. Good, a few more, two more, the last one and rest.



How to Do Advanced Ball Hamstring Curl

Ania Morton, fitness trainer, Vancouver, North Vancouver discusses how to do Advanced Ball Hamstring Crunches

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