How to Do Bench Squats

Ania Morton, fitness trainer, discusses how to do bench squats.

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Ania Morton, fitness trainer, discusses how to do bench squats.
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Featuring Ania Morton, Fitness Trainer

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The bench squat is a great exercise you can do at home with a chair anytime, anywhere. 

So what Vendela’s gonna do is she’s going to keep her feet about shoulder with the part, nice and even. And I’m going to get her to sink backwards until her bum touches the bench and standing back up. 

Now the key to this exercise is keeping the knees behind the toe. You want to feel like you’re almost falling backwards.

Coming back, touching the bench, standing back up. Let’s get you to move your feet a little more forward. Perfect! Now down and back.

Yes! Okay, while you’re doing this exercise, keep your abs nice and engaged. This exercise is great for your quadriceps, your hamstrings and your glutes, so it’s a good all-around exercise to do at home.

Now remember: hire a qualified personal trainer and they can help you attain your goals. Good! A few more; two...

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Presenter: Ms. Ania Morton, Personal Trainer, Vancouver, BC

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