Choosing Hockey Helmets for Children

Brent Wynn discusses the importance of hockey helmets for kids.

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Brent Wynn discusses the importance of hockey helmets for kids.
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Featuring Brent Wynn, Hockey Equipment Specialist
Choosing Hockey Helmets for Children
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Hockey helmets have changed a lot over the years, kids' helmets in particular.

Most older helmets had a vinyl nitrile or Rubatex foam on the interior. It's nice and soft but it's not as shock absorbing as the newer materials. Also one reason to replace a helmet is when the pieces of foam start falling out readily without any real effort.

The newer helmets are much stronger, much more durable, a lot lighter and most of the new ones have the EPP foam which is expanded polypropylene which is much more shock absorbent than the older style of foam that you saw previously.

One of the things that Easton is doing is they've come up with their new S19 helmet which is a monocoque shell; it's a one piece shell. Most helmets, well virtually every other helmet on the market today is a two piece design.

This is a one piece helmet so it offers a little bit more lightness and the EPP liner on the interior of the helmet is much more closer to the interior shell of the helmet itself which allows for a little better shock absorption and again it just makes it a lighter helmet.

EPP foam is different than EPS foam, expanded polystyrene that you see in bike helmets. These are not a one impact throw away. These are multi-impact style helmet to give you increased protection over the length of life of the helmet.

A helmet should be replaced every five years because it does deteriorate with the cold of the rink, the warmth of the car, the warmth of the house, the lights they use in rinks, it causes it to deteriorate. It may look like it's in great shape but a helmet should be replaced every five years.

When it's time to purchase a new helmet, make sure you see a qualified retailer in your area who will ensure that you have the proper fit and proper protection because there's no piece of the body that's more important than your head.

Presenter: Mr. Brent Wynn, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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