Choosing Hockey Gloves For Kids

Brent Wynn discusses how to choose kids' hockey gloves.

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Brent Wynn discusses how to choose kids' hockey gloves.
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Featuring Brent Wynn, Hockey Equipment Specialist
Choosing Hockey Gloves For Kids
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Kids' hockey gloves have changed a little bit inasmuch as nowadays they're a little more mobile they allow freedom of movement with the hands, and again the interior in a lot of the gloves has an antimicrobial or an antibacterial so the stink and the stench doesn't build up as much.

Well a lot of times with the newer gloves, in children's gloves – the better quality gloves - are modeled off of the senior equivalent. So you get the segmentation in the back of the glove that allows proper protection to the bones in the top of the hand, and also segmentation in the fingers so that you can get a better grip on the stick and feel the puck a little better.

One of the other things to look for is the hyperextension thumb, an anti-lock thumb so that you don't hyperextend your thumb. It allows the body to move properly and be protected securely.

So in order to make sure that the glove is fitting properly and is protecting the body the way that it should, you should see a qualified retailer in your area for a proper-fitting glove.

Presenter: Mr. Brent Wynn, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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