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Brent Wynn discusses choosing hockey pants for hockey.

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Brent Wynn discusses choosing hockey pants for hockey.
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Featuring Brent Wynn, Hockey Equipment Specialist

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Ice hockey pants nowadays really aren't any different between junior and senior other than the size of the pant itself.

Older hockey pants kind of fit like a barrel. There wasn't a lot of shape to them, there wasn't a lot of contour to them, there wasn't a lot of segmentation to them. They offered basic protection using basic foams and plastics in order to give that protection.

Today's newer pants have segmented foams which allow for increased mobility as well as increased protection. They have much better thigh wrap that protects the entire thigh all the way around, not just the front of the thigh.

And by using ventilated areas as well as stretch materials, makes it much more comfortable as well as much more protective because it matches the shape and movement of today's hockey player.

One of the things Easton does is they use multi-density foams as well as different laminations in those vulnerable areas, therefore giving you increased protection where you need it but also allows for increased mobility, so that it doesn't interfere with the speed of today's player.

Today's newer pants have much better protection for the key areas that you're trying to protect. That being the tailbone, by having a raised tailbone segment from the kidney areas, increased kidney protection using higher-density foams as well as plastics on the side, increased tailbone protection by not just protecting the tailbone but a flange coming out that matches up with the hip pad, and the hip pad itself is a little larger and much more protective than it used to be in years past.

Another nice thing about today's newer Easton hockey pants is that they're almost anatomical side to side, inasmuch as most people are right handed and they're going to tighten the pant with their right hand, so you're getting increased protection internally because of the way today's new pants are designed.

So today's hockey pants are designed to protect the mid torso of the body, giving increased protection to the tailbone, hips, kidneys and thighs.

So to make sure that you get fit properly with a good pair of hockey pants, make sure you see a qualified hockey provider in your area.

If you have questions about hockey pants, contact a local hockey equipment provider.

Presenter: Mr. Brent Wynn, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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