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Brent Wynn discusses the importance of hockey helmets for adults.

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Brent Wynn discusses the importance of hockey helmets for adults.
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Featuring Brent Wynn, Hockey Equipment Specialist

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Hockey helmets were originally designed to protect the head from skull fractures.

With the increased awareness of concussions it's most important to have a properly-fitting helmet that will give you the best opportunity not to get a concussion.

No helmet is concussion-proof, however, in older helmets what can happen with the heat of the head, the foam pieces that are in the inside start to fall out and that's the first indicator that it's time for a new helmet.

Today's newer helmets are much lighter, much stronger, and more protective than they've ever been. The inner liner is EPP – expanded polypropylene. Some helmets will still use a vinyl nitrile foam, which isn't as shock absorbent as EPP.

With most helmets they're a two-piece design; Easton is an innovator with a one-piece design helmet. It has a monocoque shell, which is a solid construction, EPP liner, which is moulded more closely to the inner liner of the helmet, which gives you better protection, and much more solid feel, and much lighter helmet than in years past.

If you have more questions on the proper sizing and fit of an adult hockey helmet, make sure you see a qualified retailer in your area.

Presenter: Mr. Brent Wynn, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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