The Difference between Basal-Bolus Insulin Pumps

Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA., Medtronic CPT, discusses basal-bolus insulin therapy..

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Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA., Medtronic CPT, discusses basal-bolus insulin therapy..
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Featuring Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA, Medtronic CPT

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The basal rate is the constant infusion of insulin that is delivered through your pump. It replaces your need for the long-acting insulin.

In an insulin pump, you're only using fast-acting insulin so it also allows you not only to tailor your needs throughout the day but it also allows you to change it based on your immediate needs ased on activity or blood glucose.

Your bolus insulin is very different in that it is only delivered when it is programmed by the patient, so usually based on their eating or activity level or blood glucose level.

Some pumps have a program on their pump that you will program your carbohydrate intake as well as your blood glucose and the pump will come up with a recommended dose of insulin. This helps in reducing calculation errors and allowing you the flexibility to have different settings throughout the day.

If you have any more questions regarding the differneces, the best resoruces are to ask ur pump trainer, or your diabetes clinical care team.

Presenter: Ms. Cecilia Hamming, Nurse, Vancouver, BC

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