How to Exercise with an Insulin Pump

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Nurse RN, BA., Medtronic CPT, discusses exercise and insulin pumps.

Nurse RN, BA., Medtronic CPT, discusses exercise and insulin pumps.

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Featuring Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA, Medtronic CPT

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We know that exercise is very beneficial to anyone, and especially people dealing with diabetes.

And currently what people do that are taking multiple daily injections is they tend to run their blood glucose levels run high, in an effort to avoid low blood glucose while they're exercising or after they exercise.

One of the ways the pump can help, is by offering a temporary basal rate. And the way this works is because we are only using fast-acting insulin, we can adjust that for their pre, during exercise and post exercise to avoid hypoglycemia.

Because it's small it's not easily dislodged and can be hidden in the clothing, in the gear, so to avoid impact to the pump. There are hockey players, football players, hikers, all sorts of sports, athletes that use pumps, including surfers.

If you have any further questions regarding your activity level and how to get active, and how the pump may fit into that, the best people to talk to are your diabetes clinical care team.

Presenter: Ms. Cecilia Hamming, Nurse, Vancouver, BC

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