Surgical Endodontics

Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD, discusses options for surgical endodontics.

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Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD, discusses options for surgical endodontics.
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Featuring Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD

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Surgical endodontics is the other with which endodontists are trained to treat.

In a surgical endodontic case, the infection has spread beyond the confines of the root canal system. It has now spread to the bone and the soft tissue around the tooth. This patient presents with a severe swelling and is in quite a bit of distress.

We make sure the patient is completely anesthetized in every way, the root area especially. Then, an incision is made in the gum tissue, this tissue is reflected, and the necrotic or dead tissue in the bone and the end of the root itself is removed, cleaned, and filled from the bottom up, hence the term as is used retrofill.

if you think that surgical endodontics may be necessary in your case, then by all means consult your general dentist or endodontist nearest you.

Presenter: Dr. Sharma Sinanan, Endodontist, Vancouver, BC

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