Root Canal Procedure

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Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD, discusses the root canal procedure.
Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD, discusses the root canal procedure.
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Featuring Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD

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Well root canal procedures are done once the patient is profoundly anesthetized, then we place a rubber dam on the tooth in question.

After which we drill a small hole in the top of the tooth. Now, using our microscopes and our fine instruments we are then able to enter the inside of the tooth, remove the offending nerves and blood vessels that are infected, clean the areas thoroughly, and then fill the spaces that we have created inside the root with biocompatible materials.

After which, the hole or access cavity we've drilled in top of the tooth is sealed with a filling, the rubber dam is removed, and the patient is good to go.

Presenter: Dr. Sharma Sinanan, Endodontist, Vancouver, BC

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