What is Endodontics?

Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD, discusses endodontic procedures.

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Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD, discusses endodontic procedures.
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Featuring Dr. Sharma Sinanan, DMD

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Endodontics, basically, can be broken down into two areas.

The first area deals with diseases and inflammation of the blood vessels and nerves that are found within the tooth, hence the term endo - in, and dontics, meaning tooth. The second part of endodontics treats cases where the infection has spread beyond the confines of the root canal system into the surrounding bone and soft tissue.

At this point the patient becomes very swollen, has lots of infection, and may need what we call surgical intervention, or surgical endodontics.

Presenter: Dr. Sharma Sinanan, Endodontist, Vancouver, BC

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