Sex - When to Talk to Your KIds

Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach, discusses when to talk to kids about sex.

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Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach, discusses when to talk to kids about sex.
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Featuring Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach
Sex - When to Talk to Your KIds
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You should start talking to your children about sex from the time they're two or three years old.

What you're doing is you're only talking about their body parts, and you're identifying them and you're saying those are private and they're personal and no one else can touch them. When they're two or three years old it's all about safety.

When they're five, six, seven, and eight years old then you start talking more about relationships, and you use a lot of emotions. You also talk about the mechanics but keep it age appropriate, they don't need to know everything.

Tweens are the age from about nine to twelve years old. They should certainly know most of the mechanics about sex, but they don't need to know all the details about everything yet.

All their friends are going to be telling them everything wrong; it's amazing the stories that they tell each other, they're usually really wrong. So you want to make sure that they get the right information from you, as embarrassing as it is.

There's wonderful information out there for educating children on sex, so it doesn't just have to be you. Just make sure that they have access to information. Knowledge is power - by educating children about sex you are not robbing them of their innocence at all. Remember that you are actually empowering them to make wise decisions. They'll be all set to go into the teenage world a lot wiser.

If you have questions about talking to kids about sex, contact a local parenting coach.

Presenter: Ms. Lisa Bunnage, Counselor, Coquitlam, BC

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