Parenting and Disciplining Your Child

Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach, discusses various child discipline methods.

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Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach, discusses various child discipline methods.
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Featuring Lisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach

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Discipline really gets a bad rap because everyone thinks of it as punishment but it's not.

It is punishment but that's a very small part of it. Discipline is just rules, manners and chores. When we're adults we want to be self disciplined, but we don't learn that very well unless we were disciplined as children. So it's all about learning how your children control themselves and encouraging them to control themselves and do the right thing.

Discipline is really about being a strong leader so if you are a good disciplinarian with your children you're just a strong leader. You are really serving out some good discipline and teaching them all about the rules, for example how to do chores, and how to say please and thank you.

Disciplining is hard work, especially when your children are little and you're just learning how to do it. So go help yourself by going and looking for someone like a parenting coach or even talk to a teacher and ask what you can do to discipline your children more effectively.

If you'd like more information about child discipline methods and disciplining your child, contact your local parenting coach.

Presenter: Ms. Lisa Bunnage, Counselor, Coquitlam, BC

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