Food Allergies

Irene Karatzas, ND, discusses food allergies and naturopathy.

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Irene Karatzas, ND, discusses food allergies and naturopathy.
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Featuring Dr. Irene Karatzas, ND

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Naturopathic doctors spend a lot of time looking at a patient's diet, so they look at delayed food allergies as something that may be related to chronic health concerns.

There are two classes of food allergies. IgE, which are immediate reactions, resulting in anaphylaxia, and IgG, which are more delayed reactions which can occur up to three days later.

So if somebody is suspecting food allergies, sensitivities, or is dealing with a variety of chronic health concerns, they could have a food allergy testing done, IgG advisory panel.

Presenter: Ms. Irene Karatzas, Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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