Treating Cancer With Oncotherm (Local Regional Hyperthermia)

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Dr. Sharon Gurm, BSc., ND, FABNO, Naturopathic Oncologist, discusses how a treatment called local regional hyperthermia can help cancer patients.
Dr. Sharon Gurm, BSc., ND, FABNO, Naturopathic Oncologist, discusses how a treatment called local regional hyperthermia can help cancer patients.
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Featuring Dr. Sharon Gurm, BSc. ND, FABNO, Naturopathic Oncologist Video Title: Treating Cancer With Oncotherm (Local Regional Hyperthermia) Duration: 2 minutes, 34 seconds

Local regional hyperthermia is a form of cancer treatment that is applied externally to a dedicated area in order to heat cancerous tumours to high temperatures. The purpose is to cause damage or directly kill cancer cells and to improve the efficacy of standard therapies such as radiation and anticancer drug therapies.

The local regional hyperthermia is a health-candidate approved treatment for solid tumours when used in combination with standard therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Oncotherm is a particular type of local regional hyperthermia that’s been extensively studied, and it safely and very effectively achieves the target temperature range of 42 to 44 degrees heating of a tumour.

It does so with little to no injury to the surrounding healthy tissue and when this temperature is achieved, research has shown that it helps to damage and kill cancer cells, and also to make cancer cells more vulnerable and less resistant to the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Clinical studies have looked at hyperthermia in combination with other forms of cancer therapy. Most of these types of studies have been conducted in Europe and specifically with Oncotherm, the combination of Oncotherm with standard therapies has been shown to have significant impact on disease outcomes, especially when it comes to overall survival and quality of life.

How it works is in combination of certain treatments, Oncotherm helps to shrink the tumours, and or reduce the rate of growth of the cancer. It’s also been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

The forms of cancer that can be treated with local regional hyperthermia include solid tumours such as those of the breast, the prostate, the colon, the rectum, thyroid cancers, pancreatic cancer and other forms of cancers as well. It can be applied in situations where disease is local, or locally advanced, or even when it’s metastatic, meaning when it has spread to other sites within the body.

For more information on oncothermia or local regional hyperthermia, find a naturopathic doctor who specializes in integrative cancer care.

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Do you know what Oncotherm is and how it could help a cancer patient?


Oncotherm is complimentary cancer treatment and would not be done as a stand alone treatment.


Oncotherm is a process by which the cancer cells are heated to a temperature above our normal body temperatures.


Oncotherm is a non-invasive and drug free treatment, which is also why it is an attractive complimentary treament.


Oncotherm treatments can sometimes cause painful burns.


Any cancer treatment facility can administer Oncotherm treatments.

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