Infrared Sauna

Irene Karatzas, ND, discusses the benefits of infrared saunas.

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Irene Karatzas, ND, discusses the benefits of infrared saunas.
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Featuring Dr. Irene Karatzas, ND

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An infrared sauna is a therapeutic sauna which is actually quite different than a standard dry or steam sauna.

It uses infrared heat, which is very safe, and it penetrates about an inch and a quarter into the core of your body, stimulating the release of toxins. It also boosts your immune system, supports detoxification, and is used for weight loss.

The infrared sauna usually, each treatment is approximately half and hour to an hour long. It depends how much heat a person can endure - it can get up to 55 degrees Celsius so typically treatments are done weekly or bi-weekly, and around 10 to 20 treatments to start detoxifying.

Presenter: Ms. Irene Karatzas, Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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