Dental Smile Design

Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses complete smile design.

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Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses complete smile design.
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Featuring Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD

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Well, smile design is just how your teeth appear, what your smile's like.

And if you want to do a little self-test just grab a mirror and take a look. The first thing you could do is just say “M.” If when you're finished saying the “M” you should see your front teeth showing by about two or three millimeters.

If you don't see any teeth at all, it's an aged look. And take a look at your front teeth. See if they're symmetrical and the middle of your teeth perpendicular to the midline of your face. Also, see if your front teeth are just a little bit longer than your canine teeth. This gives you a line of your smile that will parallel your lip, and it's a really pleasing smile.

The other thing you can do is look back behind your canine teeth and see if those teeth are dark and hidden. If they are you'd benefit from widening out that buckled corridor. So if you're wondering about changes that you need to make in your cosmetic smile, ask your dentist.

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Gallon, General Dentist, North Vancouver, BC

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