What Is Teeth Grinding And How It Affects Your Teeth

Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses teeth grinding (bruxism).

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Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses teeth grinding (bruxism).
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Featuring Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD

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In our stressful lives, one of the most common reasons of dental sensitivity and pain is tooth grinding.

It can cause headaches, it can cause joint problems, it can make your teeth break. Sometimes your teeth even break right in half and have to be extracted. It can loosen your teeth and make gum disease much worse.

Your dentist can help you by adjusting your bite so that it's more stable, or making a nightguard so that you're not grinding at night. So, ask your dentist about grinding.

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Gallon, General Dentist, North Vancouver, BC

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