Diabetes and Dental Exams

Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses dental exams and diabetes.

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Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses dental exams and diabetes.
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Featuring Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD

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In your dental exam, it can become obvious to your dentist that there's an underlying medical problem.

You not only have a gum problem, you may have diabetes. Your dentist can tell if you have an overreaction to periodontal disease or infection. Your dentist can also tell if you may have heart disease and can refer you to your GP for an exam.

Sometimes these underlying medical conditions can be clearly seen by a dentist and diagnosed at that level. If these problems are picked up in the dental office, your dentist will encourage you to see your GP for further testing, to see if this is actually the problem that you have.

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Gallon, General Dentist, North Vancouver, BC

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