Dental Erosion

Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses dental erosion.

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Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD, discusses dental erosion.
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Featuring Dr. Leslie Gallon, BSc, DMD

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Erosion is a silent, insidious thing that happens to your teeth. It's the chemical wearing away of your teeth from the foods that you eat, or from pop or wine.

Some people have something that's known as gastroesophageal reflex disorder, which is a reflex problem where acid comes up into the mouth. Fifty percent of the people who have it don't know that they have it.

On your teeth, if you look at your teeth, sometimes you can see yellow areas on the tops of your teeth or perhaps by the gum line, where it's discolored and notched. That's erosion, sometimes it makes your teeth, your enamel thinner, and teeth look dingy and not white.

So erosion you can ask your dentist, your dentist should be able to pick that up. There are various things that you can do, involving changing the medical diagnosis and changing your diet to solve the problem, so ask your dentist about erosion.

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Gallon, General Dentist, North Vancouver, BC

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