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Barb Beavis Functional Nutritionist Book With Barb Barb Beavis is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner in Saskatoon. Barb Beavis  Functional Nutritionist, Saskatoon works one on one with clients by using nutrition as a tool to help them take a proactive role in their own health to fight or prevent disease. By building a therapeutic relationship with her clients, together they can clear the muddy waters and dismantle any dysfunction they may be experiencing. Barb Beavis  Functional Nutritionist, Saskatoon will act as the detective to find out what’s going on in there? Specializing in autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, cancer, inflammation, weight gain, joint pain, and any general health maladies. Her model is using a systems based approach to be the detective you need to BACK IT UP and find the root cause resolution to any deficiencies you may have. Barb Beavis  Functional Nutritionist, Saskatoon hopes to fill the gap that exists between patient and physician. Barb believes we are all unique and deserve a personalized approach to health care. “Everything is connected, we are all unique, everything matters”.—Andrea Nakayama

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local nutritionist can help you create heart-healthy meals rich in fruits and vegetables; whole grains and plant sterols; increase energy levels with sports nutrition and educate you about potential food and medication interactions. 

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    From food sensitivities to celiac disease, a nutritionist can help you if you're concerned about a Low-FODMAP Diet and Digestive Disorders. Consider seeing a local Nutritionist HCF in Saskatoon, SK, such as Barb Beavis.

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